Monday, February 7, 2011

Animoto and

I’m a little slow putting this up, sorry.  I made one in class and thought I’d just mess around with it a little more before posting it to my blog.  This is obviously a bit of a goof, but I think this application has some really fun classroom uses.  As an English teacher I think it could be useful in inspiring kids to do self-presentations.  They could make the video, play with the format, and then present it to the class and tell us a bit about what they are showing us.  That alone hits about 10-20 of the ELA outcomes.  I think Animoto would be seen as something fun to do by the kids, and they could really get into it. 

Create your own video slideshow at

I also have gotten into quite a bit.  I’m not yet sure how I’d apply it to my classroom, but I have been blipping songs all week and sending them out through my facebook page and twitter.  

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