Monday, February 28, 2011

A Good Web 2.0 App

For my recommendation I thought I'd look for something that I could use in an ELA classroom. It is aimed at younger students, but I think it could be used at any grade with a little imagination.  I found a site called Story Jumper, which lets your students create their own story books. The online versions are free, though you have to pay for hard copies. Registration is quick and easy. Your students can create their own books from “scratch” or use one of the many templates they have.  They offer lots of easy “props” to integrate into the stories, and you can upload your own photos and type your own text. Once you’re finished, you can email the link to yourself and post it on a student/teacher blog or website.


  1. WoW! This is an AMAZING site! I used to make little stories up as a kid all the time - I can't imagine how much time I would have spent on this site making little story books! What a great site thanks for sharing it!!!
    Obviously it would be great for early years ELA but I agree you could use it for a lot of course - for instance in SS you could have students make up their own legend or their own book on some topic (maybe a project on a settle family etc). Really great stuff!

  2. I'm happy that you found a good resource for ELA! I really liked this site, it was simple to use, but still offered quite a bit of variety when it came to creating the stories. I also like that it includes links for teachers and parents. I think this would be a great tool in the classroom, for almost any grade, and it could be easily used and adapted for in other classrooms, such as Social Studies (as Tim mentioned). Great job Aaron!